Rwandese-British artist. Research-based, multidisciplinary practice.

Music / Visual Languages / Installation.


December 2017, on the ancestral mountain of my Rwandese family.

I am a Rwandan-British composer and multidisciplinary artist.

Through my viewpoint as a synaesthetic ‘third-culture kid’, my research-based arts practice investigates the construction and archiving of culture through transcription into visual languages. I use music and performance practice to articulate these languages in a tangible, story-telling format, which enables cultural context to remain and be resepcted.

I present my ongoing research findings through:

graphic music scores and textiles,

narrative ceremony and performance, and

cultural contextualisation via public, cross-generational conversations.

From 2019, the academic presentation of my work will be published through a series of articles, exhibitions, and creative ventures.